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S c h l a c k | 1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section 48 Ms. Baldwin-Garcia Project 5 December 11, 2007 Question 2: Rhetorical Situation Dorothy Goldberg, a Professor in Mathematics at Kean College of New Jersey in Union, New Jersey, noticed that students in mathematics were having difficulties writing. Therefore, she investigated whether or not to incorporate writing into mathematic courses by having students write proofs proving their findings. Goldberg researched the topic and compared several articles to come up with her own conclusion if writing is important in mathematics classrooms. Dorothy Goldberg believes that students need to write in more classes than just their English classes in order to write efficiently and correctly (Goldberg, 422). Goldberg’s studies show that “writing should be an integral part of the learning process in every course because, in addition to providing a way to communicate information” (Goldberg, 422). If a student writes more in other classes rather than just English, even with a simple note taking exercise he/she will be able to judge what is important and what is not. By simply, having math teachers enforce writing in their classrooms, students will be gaining more knowledge to why a certain problem is right as well as perfecting their writing skills. In math, there are several ways a teacher could get students to write, some examples: are “five-minute examples” that have the student explain how
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S c h l a c k | 2 an equation is a certain equation: with proofs, where the student has to prove that his or her work is correct and works, and/or essay questions that are math related (Goldberg, 423). Having students explain a problem in-depth will not only help them improve their writing skills; however, they will understand the problem or material more once they explain it. In mathematics, one does not think to incorporate writing into it, but as Goldberg demonstrated, mathematics teachers are expected to teach writing to their students in order to help their students in the future. One may not realize, you are learning grammar or writing skills
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Project 5 - Schlack |1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section...

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