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Schlack | 1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section 48 Ms. Baldwin-Garcia Project 4 December 3, 2007 If you want your way, you better have authority Nicole, This is not one of your better essays, but it is definitely a literary analysis. See comments within. Work on looking more closely at the textual evidence and using specific aspects of the passage to show how Emily had power over the townspeople. . In “A Rose for Emily ”, switch Emily Grierson is a prime example of how authoritative people always win. Faulkner shows the townspeople afraid of confronting Emily due to the fact that wordy her family was almost nobility Hmm. .maybe a better phrase here “southern gentility” . “It was another link between the gross, teeming world and the high and mighty Griersons.I’m not certain this is a good choice for a quotation. This quotation has more to do with the awful smell that comes from her house than with the idea that the townspeople thought they were superior. The statement is actually pretty sarcastic. (Faulkner) ” This goes on the inside. The period on the outside after the parenthesis. Typically, however where there is no punctuation afterword, you’d have the period or comma and then the end quotation. Emily secludes herself in her house, but even so she still has authority over the whole town. Colonel Sartois was able to remit Emily’s taxes by having the residents believe that the town owed her father money. This led to Emily’s financial dependence on Sartoris. This is
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Schlack | 2 probably not a good sentence since you’re trying to prove that Emily was authoritative and not needy. Later on in the story it is learned that the Colonel is dead however you forgot punctuation before and after “however” even though Colonel Sartoris had been dead for ten years, however Emily still is dependent on him. Your thesis is about Emily being authoritative not dependent. I’m not sure borrowing these sentences from the original essay are serving your purposes. She acts as if he was use the subjunctive mood. See your textbook. still alive and holds him to his promise. “"See Colonel Sartoris." (Colonel Sartoris had been dead almost ten years.) "I have no taxes in Jefferson. Tobe!" The Negro appeared. "Show these gentlemen out . Period goes after the parenthesis. See the example essay I gave you. You’re citing incorrectly. "(Faulkner) ” remove Also, the townspeople and the judge are even afraid to confront Emily about the smell that is coming from here house. This sentence is not related to the example you use throughout the second paragraph. You’ll need to use transitional phrases like “firstly, secondly, etc” "Just as if a man--any man--could keep a kitchen properly, "the ladies said; so they were not surprised when the smell developed. It was another link between the gross, teeming world and the high and mighty Griersons. A neighbor, a woman, complained to the mayor, Judge Stevens, eighty years old. "But what will you have me do about it, madam?" he said. "Why, send her word to stop it,"
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project 4 - Schlack | 1 Nicole Schlack English 101 Section...

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