Ergogenic Aids - Ergogenic Aids/Banned Drugs -"Any...

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Ergogenic Aids/Banned Drugs -“Any substance or means that improves physical performance through it’s effect on the body”-Arnheim Examples -Blood doping -Caffeine loading -Human growth hormone -Creatine -Anabolic steroids -Testosterone -EPO Blood Doping -Also known as blood packing or RBC reinfusion -300-600ml of blood withdrawn and stored -Normal RBC level re-established -Stored RBC’s then re-infused a day or two prior to event Physiological Basis -Increased blood volume=increased cardiac output -Increased RBC=increased oxygen carrying capacity of blood -Useful for what type of athlete? Endurance athlete Lab Studies -Ekblom, B.: Response to exercise after blood loss and reinfusion. Journal of Applied Physiology . 33:175, 1972. -Williams, M. et al.: The effect of blood infusion upon endurance capacity and ratings of perceived exertion. Medicine and Science in Sports . 10:13, 1978. Anecdotal Evidence -Triumphs tainted with blood, Sports Illustrated , pg. 12, Jan.21, 1985. -Olympic cheating: The inside story of illicit doping and the U.S. cycling team, Rolling
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Ergogenic Aids - Ergogenic Aids/Banned Drugs -"Any...

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