Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment - Foams-Open-cell foam-Cells are...

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Protective Equipment Role of Protective Equipment -Prevention of injury -Standard protective equipment-helmets, shoulder pads, hip pads -Prevention of re-injury to already injured body part -Custom padding or commercially available special pads Principle of Protective Equipment -Two Types of Forces -High velocity, low mass: leads to focal injuries -Athlete struck by pitched ball -Low velocity, high mass: leads to diffuse injuries -Athlete checked into boards Design Factors that Reduce Potential Injury -Increase the impact area -Disperse the impact area -Limit motion of body part -Reduce friction between contacting surfaces -Absorb energy Materials -Low-density material -Only effective at low levels of impact -Gauze, foam, neoprene, felt -High Density material -Less cushioning, better transfer/dispersal -Orthoplast, fiberglass, plaster
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Unformatted text preview: Foams-Open-cell foam-Cells are connected, allows air passage from one cell to another-Good for protecting skin, poor shock absorption-Closed-Cell foam-Air cannot pass from one cell to another-Good shock absorbing properties NOCSAE-National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment-Certifying agency for helmets Specific Equipment-Mouth Guards-Oral trauma-Concussion?-Helmets- football, hockey, men’s lacrosse, baseball, softball-Types/construction-Proper fitting technique Knee Bracing-Sleeves-Sleeves with support-Functional bracing- CTI, Lenox-Hill. DonJoy-Custom vs.” shelf” brace Custom Pads-Fabricated by the ATC for a specific purpose on a specific individual-Scotch-Wrap-Orthoplast Special Pads-Flak jacket-AC Pads-Hip pads for hip pointer...
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Protective Equipment - Foams-Open-cell foam-Cells are...

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