Pharmacology - Pharmacology -Therapeutic medications in...

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Pharmacology -Therapeutic medications in sport injury management Why use medication for sports injury? -Reduce Inflammation -Reduce swelling -Reduce pain -Eliminate infection -Other reasons are the same as for general population Professional roles in dispensing medications -ATC-refers to MD, follow-up -MD-prescribes medication -Pharmacist-dispense medication, tracks possible interactions, advises patient Pharmacokinetics -The study of the movement of a drug through the body to produce the desired effect(s) -Movement involves 5 steps: -Administration -Absorption -Distribution -Metabolism -Excretion Bioavailability -The amount of a drug’s concentration when it reaches the target site within a certain time frame -Influenced by route of administration and absorption -At target site, drug either facilitates or inhibits a sequence of biological changes that alters function of a cell, tissue or organ -Drugs that facilitates-agonists -Drug that inhibits-antagonist Administration -The means by which a drug is introduced into the body -Enteral route-uses the GI tract for entry -Oral, sublingual, rectal -Parental route-other than GI tract -Invasive- injections -Non-invasive- inhalation, topical, transdermal
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Pharmacology - Pharmacology -Therapeutic medications in...

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