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Internal Injuries - Internal Injuries Assessment...

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Internal Injuries Assessment Review -Stay with HOPS History -Acute vs. chronic -Duration of pain -Onset of symptoms? Observation -Swelling/deformity -Spitting blood -Heamturia-blood in urine -Skin color Palpation -Muscular rigidity (result of bleeding) -Point tenderness -Crepitus (Rib injuries) Special Testing -Compression Test -Rebound test -Breath sound Common Injuries -Blow to Solar Plexus Mechanism: direct blow S/S: -“Wind knocked out” -Difficulty breathing, anxiousness Treatment: -Encourage short inspirations, long expirations -Reassure athlete -R/o internal injury -Rib contusion/fracture Mechanism: Direct blow or crushing force S/S: -Severe pain on breathing or thorax movements -Specific point tenderness -Crepitus Treatment: -Ice, compression -R/o fracture with x-ray
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-R/o internal injury -Self-limiting if contusion -Protect with flak jacket Pneumothorax/hemothorax -Air or blood in pleural space causing portion of lung to collapse Mechanism: -Direct blow- fracture ribs (leading cause) -Spontaneous rupture of lung tissue
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