Chapter 9 - Connie Cheung WoB Notes Chapter 9 9/30/07...

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Connie Cheung WoB Notes Chapter 9 9/30/07 Chapter 9: Business Management: Empowering Employees to Satisfy Customers What Manufacturers have done to Become More Competitive - Focusing on customers - Maintaining close relationships with suppliers, and other companies to satisfy customer  needs - Practicing continuous improvement - Focusing on quality - Saving on costs through site selection - Relying on the internet to unite companies - Adopting new production techniques such as enterprise resource planning, computer  integrated manufacturing…etc From Production to Operations Management Production-  the creation of finished goods and services using the factors of production: land,  labor, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge o The US now has a ‘service economy’- one dominated by the service sector Production Management-  term used to describe all activities managers do to help their firms  create goods Operations management-  a specialized area in management that converts or transforms  resources into goods and services o Includes: inventory management, quality control, production scheduling, follow up  services, and more
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Connie Cheung WoB Notes Chapter 9 9/30/07 Production Processes Form utility-  value added by the creation of finished goods and services, such as the value  added by taking silicon and making computer chips or putting services together to create a  vacation package The Production Process - Andrew Grove, chairman of computer chip manufacturer Intel, believes production 
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Chapter 9 - Connie Cheung WoB Notes Chapter 9 9/30/07...

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