ps 201 paper 2 - P.S. 201- Q Dr. Graham 11/12/07 Wilso n 1...

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P.S. 201- Q Dr. Graham 11/12/07
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Wilson 1 Summary I selected the article “Not ‘Worth Another Soldier’s Life” to do my paper on. The article talks about how the war in Iraq has reached the point where some soldiers believe that it is not worth another American life. The article goes into detail about how the United States has actually started to lose ground on their mission to help the Iraqi people create a stable government. The author talks about how the Iraqi National Police has lost the United States trust. The article talks about how some of the Iraqi National Police have sided with groups like the Sunni insurgents. The main part of the article really talks about how a street in Sadiyah that was once flourishing is now a demolished war zone. The solders that the author interviewed talked about how when they first came to Iraq, the street was their favorite street to walk on, because it had shops that were open, woman and children would be outside playing, and that there were some very attractive girls around. However since then the street that was once filled with Sunni officers from Saddam Hussein’s military and other middle class families, the residents have either fled or are being kicked out of their homes by insurgents. There are a few of the original families that lived on the street are still there, and the United States soldiers have recruited around three hundred of them for a neighborhood defense force to help fight against the insurgents. Towards the end of the article the author starts to talk about how the street is
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ps 201 paper 2 - P.S. 201- Q Dr. Graham 11/12/07 Wilso n 1...

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