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Study Guide Judaism - From the Introductory...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon From the Introductory Chapter: What are the different forms of religions in the West? Judaism, Islam, Christianity What are characteristics unique to the religions of Europe, the Near East - Mesopatamia emergence of writing, history starts in Near East, Greece/Rome-,pantheon god ans godesses and end of chapter Egypt- deaths Monotheism- Greek word, only one god is worshipped – Jewish, Christian, muslim Monolatry- the recognition of the existence of many gods, but with the consistent worship of only one deity Henotheism- devotion to a single "God" while accepting the existence of other gods Polytheism- Belief in my Gods Pantheon- a set of all the gods of a particular polytheistic religion or mythology. Dualism the belief of the coexistence (in eastern and naturalistic religions) or conflict (in western religions) between the "benevolent" and the "malignant". Most religious systems have some form of moral dualism - in western religions, for instance, a conflict between good and evil. Judaism: What does it mean to be Jewish? Is it solely religious? Solely Ethnic? Both? Depends on which Jews you ask it is often considered an ethnic backround because it is often inherited however, although one can be religiously converted to Judaism. Religion is seen as part of the Jewish culture but not necessarily the defining part. Jews are not a race How are education and covenant important within Judaism? God expects moral conduct from everyone which he revealed to all humanity in a covenant with Noah, this is an obligation to practice a # of special rules setting them apart from all other people and enforces a system of holiness commanded by God. Covenant shows exactly what behavior does and does not want How did the monotheistic God evolve through the history of Judaism? God from Hebrews to Universal rather than only god for the Jews to everyones god, should have no other god in front of me Was he always the creator of the entire universe? No What are some of his names? Yahweh, Jehovah, elohih
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How is he known to the Jews? As yahweh How is the Tanakh created ? The 3 part Hebrew scripture collection, composed of torah(law), prophets (Nebi’im), sacred writings (ketuvim) What is the Documentary Hypothesis? first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, known collectively as the Torah or Pentateuch), represent a combination of documents from four originally independent sources. According to the influential version of the hypothesis formulated by Julius Wellhausen (1844 - 1918) these sources and the approximate dates of their composition were: * the J, or Jahwist, source; southern kingdom of Judah. (The name Yahweh begins with a J in Wellhausen's native German.) * the E, or Elohist in the northern kingdom of Israel. * the D, or Deuteronomist, source; written c. 621 BC in Jerusalem
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Study Guide Judaism - From the Introductory...

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