Sephardim and holidays - Sephardim- living under muslim...

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Ashkenazim- german living under Christian rule “People of the Book”- anybody who believes in books of Abraham are protected Ethopian Jews- “Falashas”- practice older forms of Judaism – very different bc they practice older more traditional form of Judaism India- Malabar and Cochin- China China-Kaifeng Ketubah- marriage contract that protects women Gershom bon Judah- *Maimomodes (greek name)- philosopher from spain works out of Egypt Rambam* -easy way at looking at the laws the proper way -also wrote the “guild of the perplexed” -13 …. *look this up Sabbath- weekly holiday fri sunset- sat sunset, special prayers said over bread wine- special prayer said at the end Purity Laws- blood considered unclean- killed at main artery so it bleeds out, don’t eat any animal with blood , animals must have split hooves – birds are separate from land animals Kosher food – cannot mix meat and milk in same meal – fish must have scale and fins – humans were created in the bible as vegetarians Passover- no leavening – no breads with any yeast, no beer, no pastas with yeast, nothing that can rise because of tradition in exodus about having to flee without bread being risen –removed from the house entirely, food goes to non-jews or homeless shelters -must vaccum, scrub to get every possible piece out- like spring cleaning -women unclean before and during period – have to go to mikvah?sp to become clean synagogue- -prayer siddur – order in which you do the prayers, shimah – essential prayer of israel, “the lord is our god the lord is one” -amidah- means standing because said while standing called prayer of 18 blessings, list of lessons another very central prayer in judaism kaddish- in Aramaic similar to Christian lord’s prayer, praises of god and asking him to intervene in your life, prayer in honor of the dead -reading from the torah that is chanted hapatarah targum- interpretation of Bible in Aramaic The Jewish Calendar Lunar Calendar- 254 days Each month begins with the New Moon- This day each month is called Rosh Chodesh 14 th of every month is the Full Moon
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Sephardim and holidays - Sephardim- living under muslim...

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