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Staci Dale Political Parties Assignment 1. a. Democrats- Main issues include: national healthcare, cautious war engagers, a woman’s right to choose (pro-choice), and some support homosexual marriage, level taxes. General ideological bent: Usually believe in less restrictions than the Republican party while still adhering to (their) interpretation of the Constitution. Constituent groups: People associated with this party include racial minorities, homosexuals, liberals, and environmentalists, usually garner support from all states besides the South. b. Republicans- Main issues include: Usually pro-war, anti-abortion, anti-homosexual marriage, higher taxes, large tax breaks for wealthy. General ideological bent: More “strict” than Democrats. Believe in rewards (tax breaks) for those who are wealthiest since they supposedly worker harder for their money. May justify actions less with the Constitution and more with religion and the Bible. Constituent groups: Associated with conservatives, the South, big corporations, Christian coalitions c. Libertarians- Main issues include: strongly believe in individualism, oppose laws that hinder personal rights in any circumstance (drug use) General ideological bent: A kind of “no rules” society. Individuals are responsible for all their own actions and should receive no guidance from the federal government. Constituent groups: Free thinkers, people who do not identify with any set political party d. Green Party- Main issues include: preservation of rainforests, global warming, vegetarianism, naturalists General ideological bent: A kind of “hippie” mentality: decisions based on group opinions, imperative to take care of environment because we are all an integral part of it. Constituent groups: Environmentalist groups, e. Reform Party- Main issues include: Believe in popular vote and oppose some coalitions with other countries. General ideological bent: All political parties are corrupt and America Constituent groups: Those who are disillusioned and dissatisfied with
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America’s current political processes. f. My whole life I have considered myself a Republican simply because most of my family votes Republican but now that I am 18 and actually need to pay attention to the issues I find that my views are more consistent with Democrats. However, if there were a Republican candidate I felt was more qualified than a Democratic, I would have no problems voting for him or her, 2. a. Democrats:
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politicalpartues - Staci Dale Political Parties Assignment...

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