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A CARE ETHICS IN PERSPECTIVE 1 Care Ethics: The Broadcasting of a Dying Patient by New York Presbyterian Hospital Name Professor Course University Date
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A CARE ETHICS IN PERSPECTIVE 2 In 2012, ABC broadcasting media and the New York Presbyterian hospital was alleged to have violated a patient’s privacy and a breach of HIPAA regulations that deny sharing a patient’s information without their consent. In an NY Med episode of the ABC, the media house shares a video clip of a 46-year-old Mark Chanko an accident victim of a garbage truck in April 2011 who would later succumb to the injuries. It had not been known to Mark or his family that a video was being captured as their beloved passed out until the episode featured in NY Med in 2012 resurrecting feelings of depression and empathy as the old man died in a hospital bed. New York Presbyterian would later be sued for violating a patient’s privacy and charged a hefty fine of $2.2 million. But then the moral question has been drawn from this unfolding of events, was
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