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vision - Nervous System Chapters(12-15 Overview or Plan of...

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Nervous System Chapters (12-15) Overview or Plan of Attack Plan of Attack Overview and new terminology Chap 12.1 Spinal Cord Anatomy Chap 12.2 Peripheral Nerves Chap 12.3 Functional Anatomy of the Brain Chap 13.1-13.8 Cranial Nerves Chap 13.9-13.10 “Wiring” of the nervous system (circuits & pathways) Principles of Functional Organization Chap 12.4 Simple circuits – Spinal Reflexes Chap 12.4-12.5 (maybe 12.6) Overview of Sensory and Motor Pathways 14.1 ( read in text ) Somatic Sensory Pathways Chap 14.2-14.3 Somatic Motor Pathways chap 14.4 Visceral Motor Pathways (ANS – Autonomic Nervous System Chap 14.5-14.9 Special Senses Vision 15.3 Hearing / Equilibrium 15.4 Smell and Taste read in text Chap 15.1-15.2 3 lectures 2 lectures
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The Eye Skip accessory structures, go right to eyeball 3-layered structure (layers called TUNICS) Hollow inside, divided into two large spaces (CAVITIES) (Filled with Aqueous Humor) (Filled with Vitreous Humor) 1.
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