anthropology - The Bororo -endogamy= marry with own clan...

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The Bororo -endogamy= marry with own clan -totem= spiritual-red-breasted parrot -death= spirit leaves to join other deceased in a community of ancestors -3 bird types= white feathered (parrots-beauty), carnivorous, then all others -bad spirit= death/meat- people are vegetarians like parrots -parrots are the only truly domestic pet -parrots are inherited- given proper names -parrots are extensions to owner’s personality -women own them= need feathers for rituals and spirits turn themselves into them -bad spirit= assoc. with women/decay/dangerous/menstrual blood -conflict: women draw mean away like parrots to their clan- they are pets Descartes -dualism= 2 things that exclude each other -wants to be certain about knowledge -mathematics is one answer because of certainty -moves from uncertainty to certainty-outside to inside -Rules: never accept anything as true-doubt everything-reject everything -he cannot doubt that he exists because doubting is thinking “I thinkthereforeIam” -thinking exists-I am thinking- I exist -he cannot be sure of bodily existence- 2 kinds of substance: thinking-space -body mind dualism- one you can doubt the other you cant -reasons God is real because he is perfection -people are distinguishable because of speech and they are not machines -thus, a person cannot be a bird because birds do not have reason
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anthropology - The Bororo -endogamy= marry with own clan...

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