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LOS VERBOS REFLEXIVOS - “vosotros” forms(for example...

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LOS VERBOS REFLEXIVOS DESPERTARSE PONERSE (nervioso) DIVERTIRSE Me despiertO Me pongO Me diviertO Te despiertAS Te ponES Te diviertES Se despiertA Se ponE Se diviertE Nos despertAMOS Nos ponEMOS Nos divertIMOS Os despertAIS Os ponEIS Os divertÍS Se despiertAN Se ponEN Se diviertEN Remember that there are some verbs that CHANGE THE STEM in the PRESENT, like “despertarse” and “divertirse” above, except for the “nosotros” and
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Unformatted text preview: “vosotros” forms (for example: “nosotros nos despertamos”, vosotros “os despertais”). Remember also that they keep the stem of the infinitive for ALL THE PAST TENSES. Notice then that they are not as difficult as they may seem, as long as you remember the little change in the present. LOS MANDATOS FORMALES HABLAR COMER PEDIR hablE comA pidA hablEN comAN pidAN...
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