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Rosales 1 Rene Rosales Professor Cameron ENGL-1020-028 19 March 2017 Project Proposal AUDIENCE IDENTIFICATION My paper is about digital media and the effects it has had on traditional print media. I chose executives and chief editors of newspapers and news corporations as my audience. I chose them as my audience because these are the people that set the tone for how newspapers run and function. These are the people that usually make the decisions for companies in the news industry. They could redesign an entire newspaper and influence other newspapers by doing so. I will cater my research to them by showing the economic side behind both traditional and digital media. I will showcase the differences and similarities they have. This is information that would cater to them as it is their business and livelihood. It would have an impact and give them reason to pay close attention or to do something about it. PROPOSAL We are bombarded with news every single day, from all over the world. News has never travelled faster around the world as it has the capability to now. One can be in Tennessee and watch live footage of an earthquake in Japan. It hasn’t always been like this. In fact, it hasn’t been like this for very long. The way people receive news has changed drastically, and will continue to change even more.
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Rosales 2 Media affects multiple things, and digital media has now made a big splash in revenue for these companies. It has altered how our world communicates. The reasoning for the research paper is to show evolution in media and the strides it is now reaching. It is needed to help these news companies grow and expand to reach more people with news instead of falling in old ways. This information is what executives of news corporations are interested in and how it could change their businesses. This is a topic that evolves advertising and the digital landscape immensely. It could lead into other ideas such as getting rid of an actual paper book if people can get it online or if albums should only be sold digitally instead of taking resources to make physical copies that marginally less people are interested in buying. The people have made a resounding choice for digital media for the cost and the convenience it provides over traditional print media.
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