Sin of Bias - Sin of Bias Sin of bias our present knowledge...

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Sin of Bias ·Sin of bias: our present knowledge, beliefs, and feelings may have a distorting influence on new experiences or our later memories of them. ·There are 5 types of biases: -Consistency bias- people recall past attitudes as highly similar to current attitudes -Change bias- people assume they should have changed, and thus exaggerate the actual amount of change that occurred -Hindsight bias- once we learn an event's outcome, we feel as though we always knew that would happen. -Egocentric bias- we give more weight to our own recollections of events than of others recollections, we are also likely to remember contributing more to a task than we really did. -Stereotypical bias- people opinions and judgments are unconsciously effected by stereotypes that they hold ·When one is afflicted with chronic pain, they remember instances of high pain from the past, but when present pain isn't too bad, past pain seems more benign too. ·People are prone to the consistency bias because they do not have clear memories about exactly what they believed or felt in the past, so they infer past beliefs and feelings from their current states. ·One example of consistency bias is that college couples were asked to rate their partners on various traits, such as honesty, as well as how much they liked or loved their parter. At a second session they were asked to rate them again, and then recall their earlier opinions. Partners who rated their partner more negatively than before, believed their ratings from earlier to be more negative than they actually were. Partners who claimed to love their partners more since the first time, evaluated the amount that they loved their partner before to be higher than they had reported at the time. ·Self-help programs may exploit feelings from change bias, because people have invested time and
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Sin of Bias - Sin of Bias Sin of bias our present knowledge...

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