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Exam 1 study guide I. Content a. multiple choice i. 26 all together, each question worth 1.5 points 1. 5 Prologue 2. 7 Critical Thinking (Chapter 1) 3. 7 Neuroscience (Chapter 2) 4. ii. multiple choice questions predominantly drawn from material covered in class that overlaps with book; a few (about 3-4) will be from material only presented in the textbook** b. short answer i. complete 6; 9 options, each question worth 10 points 1. 3 choices from prologue 2. 3 choices from critical thinking 3. 3 choices from neuroscience ii. answer all components of question! Each component has points assigned to it. iii. Mostly drawn from material in lecture that overlaps with chapter. 1 or 2 on things we did not cover in class, generally on the “define and describe X” level. II. Study suggestions a. I am a horrible test writer, so I use the test bank that comes with the book. That means that the book companion site is an excellent resource, because it was made by the people who wrote your test. There are practice tests, chapter reviews, flash cards (although….wouldn’t memory research say you would remember better if you made flashcards yourself??), demonstrations, tutorials,
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Exam_1_study_guide - Exam 1 study guide I Content a...

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