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Name______________________ Honor Code__________________________ 1. The _________________present in on S. aureus helps the bacterium inhibit the immune response and protect from phagocytosis. 2. Name three granulocytes:_______________, ________________, _______________. 3. A ____________ is an inanimate object that aids in direct transmission of infectious agents. 4. Name the two things that are specific to APCs _________________, ______________. 5. B cells must be educated in the _____________ in order to become a mature B cell. 6. What is your first, best protection against infectious agents?____________________ 7. _______ and ______ are the components of complement responsible for inflammatory responses. 8. The induction of α and  β interferon by a cold virus could protect you from another, subsequent viral infection. T/F
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Monocytes differentiate into _____________ and _______________. 10.List three factors that suppress the immune system_________, __________, ________. 11. The primary job of a PMN is to ______________________. 12.A Th2 cell activates a ________________response. 13.Toll like receptors can recognize and bind___________, ____________, ____________. 14.______________________ is the disease caused by the inability of a neutrophil to diapedese. 15.Name the two primary lymphoid organs: _______________, _______________ 16.The role of gamma interferon is to ___________________________________________. 17.MHC class II molecules are found on _________________________________________. 18. The TCR on a CD8 + cell binds to _________________________ molecules....
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