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MARIE RAOUL BURIAL ARRANGEMENTS 1 Ed Dante DUVAL, 28 RUE PASTEUR, 14390 CARBOURG, FRANCE. Tel: 123456789 1 st February 2018 Pierre J. SMITH, 12 IMPASSE VIVALDI, 53300 COUESMES-VAUCE, FRANCE. Dear Sir, RE: CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS MARIE RAOUL’S BURIAL. This letter is to request you to contribute towards Marie Raoul’s burial that will be held on 10 th January 2018. Marie was the Wife of Raoul Jonnies. Rumors that are reaching the family of the deceased from a credible source reveal that on the last day, 9 th January she was seen at your house which is across the river where her home is. Marie is believed to have been ferried across the river by Ferryman where she told him she was seeing a Mr. Pierre across. On her return journey, she is
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MARIE RAOUL BURIAL ARRANGEMENTS 2 said to have had no a single penny to pay the Ferryman who declined to ferry her back it being that his orders from above are only to ferry on cash. With no a single franc, Marie chose to walk through the path in the forest where she was murdered just like many who traverse the lonely path.
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