cumulative info for review (spring 2007)

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Go back and rewatch antimations!!! Eukaryotic cell structures Prokaryotic cell structures scientific method genus/species glycocalyx capsule biofilm gram positive cell wall gram negative cell wall lipopolysaccharide struct. peptidoglycan struct. chemotaxis 70 S ribosome 80 S ribosome endospore formation anaerobe aerobe facultative anaerobe catalyase superoxide dismutase viral replication viral entry into cell negative stranded virus positive stranded virus DNA virus naked/enveloped viruses genotype phenotype Protein structure primary structure secondary structure tertiary structure quaternary structure point mutation frameshift mutation silent mutation missense mutation nonsense mutation base analog nitric oxide UV irradiation gamma irradiation thymine dimer mismatch repair light repair excision repair glycosylase SOS repair Replication fork/enzymes DNA nucleotide RNA nucleotide DNA dep. DNA pol. DNA dep. RNA pol.
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