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Sin of Transience Notes - Sin of Transience Sin of...

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Sin of Transience ●Sin of transience: forgetting that occurs with the passage of time ●Happens continuously, as we gain memories of new experiences, our memories of the past fade ●German philosopher Hermann Ebbinghaus produced the first experimental evidence of transience ●He noted that at first, retention of information dropped off quickly, but after some time the rate of forgetting would slow down quite a bit ●Created idea of a "curve of forgetting" showing this ●In early 1990s idea was replicated and expanded upon by Charles Thompson. ●He had students keep diaries and then try to recall events of varying significance ●Research showed that even personally significant events are forgotten over time ●Found that sometimes things are "remembered" only because we have general expectations ●Specific details fade more rapidly than a general sense of what happened ●"Transience involves a gradual switch from reproductive and specific recollections to reconstructive and more general descriptions" ●Clinton and Lewinsky case said to be good illustration of transience ●Older adults often complain about how they forget easily, it has been shown that older adults have a harder time remembering information they have been asked to retain than college students do ●Even if the older adults can remember as well for a few minutes, their memories will still deteriorate more quickly over the next days or weeks ●Deficits are especially clear when older adults try to recollect particular facts of an experience or event, such as its location in space or time. ●Older adults forget specific details more quickly than younger adults, and thus rely more than younger
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Sin of Transience Notes - Sin of Transience Sin of...

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