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CRJ201 Week 3 AssignmentSingley (1).pdf - Running Header...

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Running Header: WEEK THREE OUTLINE 1 Week Three Outline Heather Singley CRJ201 Introduction to Criminal Justice Instructor Sean Grier December 10th, 2017
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WEEK THREE 2 Week Three Outline Introduction There are many corrections systems in the United States today. Some of them house the most dangerous criminals in the world, while others house those who require less security for lesser crimes. However, the purpose of each one is still the same. They are used to detain criminals who have been convicted of crimes that go against societal rules. The goal of a correctional facility is to punish those convicted of a crime, while also rehabilitating them so that they can live a law abiding life upon their release. Corrections professionals such as parole and probation officers, guards in correctional facilities, and jailers in county jails must all be careful not to infringe on the rights of any individual while still making sure that the punishment is upheld. Each professional must also uphold a certain set of standards and also execute justice in an ethical way. Thesis Statement This paper will be a discussion of the parts of the Constitution that are most relevant to ethical standards of corrections professionals, the way that those professionals use social justice principles to build a more just society, how corrections professions use criminal theory in their practice, and the three main issues that corrections professionals face on a regular basis and the best responses to those. Part I Body Paragraph #1-Topic Sentence #1
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