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Case Study Dr. S - FRU= facial recognition unit PIN=...

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FRU= facial recognition unit PIN= Personal Identitiy Nodes (person identity information) Case Name: Dr. S Referring Problem: ·Difficulty recognizing faces since birth ( prosopagnosia ) Observations: ·Stares blankly through someone familiar (doesn't recognize) until name called ·Trouble remembering even simple routes of movement (noticed while moving through campus) ·Speaks rapidly and in excess, is aware of this, but finds it difficult to stop History: ·Fluent in many languages. Can learn languages with roman alphabet fine, but difficulty with languages that use other alphabets. · Dr. S is in her sixties now ·Is a qualified doctor of medicine, training as pathologist, diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene, diploma in family planning, and a BA is psychology- clearly she is intelligent ·Has four children, three boys and one girl. All boys are color blind. ·First cousin has difficult recognizing faces. ·Complains of clumsiness and difficulty with figures. Tests and Results: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale- Measure Verbal, Performance, and Overall IQ ·Has range of both verbal and performance subtests (nonverbal tests such as puzzles/designs/pictures) ·Scores showed: -Verbal and nonverbal abilities equally good ( meaning problem not from general intellectual problem or general problem with pictorial/visual matter ) -Has exceptionally high IQ (147) Fluency Task- Measures verbal production skills/ease with which words can be retrieved from vocab
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Case Study Dr. S - FRU= facial recognition unit PIN=...

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