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Midterm HSTS 417 Summer Term 2017 Short Answer Questions (5 points each): Please respond to each of the following questions or prompts with a brief statement (3-5 sentences should suffice in most cases). You do not need to cite any sources for these short answer questions; simply answer them as clearly and succinctly (though completely) as possible in your own words. 1. Describe the Galenic “non-naturals” and their role in the Galenic concept of disease. 2. Learned medicine suffered in both the eastern and western portions of the former Roman Empire in the early Medieval period (roughly 476-800 CE). What may help us account for the relatively stronger traditions of preservation and synthesis in the Byzantine East, versus the Latin West? 3. What does the example of Michael Servetus suggest about the nature of the relationship between religious thought and medical innovation in the Renaissance? 4. Explain why Thomas Sydenham became known as the “English Hippocrates.” What was modern about his thinking? What of it was seemingly ancient (i.e. more traditional)?
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