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1.2 - Discussion: Aligning Business Models, Strategic Plans, and Business AnalyticsGive an example either from your own workplace or another organization in which the three "V's"("Volume", "Velocity", and "Variety") of data are used to make strategic business decisions. Consider andaddress the following questions:Discussion QuestionsWhich platforms and tools are used to manage the volume, velocity, and variety of big data?What are some of the challenges organizations face when trying to manage large volumes of data, thespeed of which data is obtained, and the different formats in which data can be generated?Grocery stores are changing grocery companies, analytics for grocers offer value that builds on aretail data model with a deep understanding of the processes of the food and grocery business. Analyticshelps every level in grocery operation from store associates to the CEO, understand which products aremost price-elastic, how customers react to combo-offers, and whether their promotions performed toplan, and empower grocery stores to build a competitive advantage and grow their market share(Manthan Software Services, 2017). The success of grocery stores such as Kroger and Walmart havedepended on the speed at which companies can take advantage of the latest consumer trends and
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