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LAN121 OLA-3 CABLING STANDARDS (CAT TYPES, ETHERNET, EIA 568 A-B) Name : OBJECTIVES: Explain the purpose and implementation of the EIA/TIA 568 A-B standards. Categorize standard media types and associated properties. Fiber: 1) Multimode 2) Single-mode Copper: 1) UTP 2) STP 3) CAT3 4) CAT5 5) CAT5e 6) CAT6 7) CAT6a 8) Coaxial Cabling Configurations: Crossover, Straight-through, Rollover Cable Types: Plenum vs. non-plenum Media converters: 1) Singlemode fiber to Ethernet 2) Multimode fiber to Ethernet 3) Fiber to Coaxial 4) Singlemode to multimode fiber Compare and contrast different LAN technologies. Network Types: Ethernet, 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 1000BaseT, 100BaseTX 100BaseFX, 1000BaseX, 10GBaseSR, 10GBaseLR, 10GBaseER, 10GBaseSW, 10GBaseLW, 10GBaseEW, 10GBaseT When done save your file as OLA-3-lastname.doc and submit to your instructor via Blackboard. TASK – 1 EIA 568 PIN-OUT IDENTIFICATION 1
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1) What is the purpose of the EIA/TIA 568 A and B standards? 2) Please identify the color codes for both EIA 568 A and the 568 B standards.
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