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Final Exam Essay Outlines 1. Documentary Hypothesis a. Thesis: Julius Wellhausen’s theory of Documentary Hypothesis, which states that the Pentateuch is comprised of multiple source authors, denoted by J, E, D, and P, is supported through doublets, internal contradictions, and the different usage of the divine name. i. J source 1. Yahwist source, Jahwist source 2. anthropomorphic characteristics 3. found between the river of Egypt and the Euphrates river 4. between the 10 th and 9 th century 5. 3 fold promise to Abraham: land, blessings, descendents ii. E Source 1. Elohist source 2. Revelation through dreams 3. Prophet characteristics 4. Mountain of Revelations 5. Near Israel iii. D Source 1. Deuteronomistic Source 2. Idea of blessings and curses 3. emphasizes a locus of one worship 4. 7 th -6 th century BCE iv. P Source 1. Priestly source 2. final editor for pre-existing authors 3. Covenant symbols a. Noah and descendents bow in sky b. Abraham circumcision c. God and Israel Sabbath v. Doublets 1. 2 creation stories a. 1 about the actual creation of earth b. 1 based on human interactions i. Original sin vi. Internal contradictions 1. Moses was thought to be the author a. Moses’ death was written about 2. The author was on the east side of the Jordan river, Moses died on the west vii. Divine names 1. some passages use god, Lord, and Lord God 2. Exodus
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The historical accuracy of the biblical accounts of the exodus is questioned due to inconsistencies, internal contradictions, and the ability to explain some of the strange events that occur. i. Pharoh 1. Seti I 2. Ramaase II 3. Mernptah a. Exodus Narrative all were suppose to drown in Red Sea b. All three mummies were found ii. 600,000 men + women and children = couple million 1. no evidence to support 2. no culture shift iii. Plagues 1. 9 out of 10 can be explain a. 1; water to blood – banks of the nile river flood every year and gives it a muddy red look which is where the blood comes from b. 2-4, 8; infestations of locusts, gnats, frogs, and flies – considered a typical natural disaster c. 7; hail storm – pretty common occurrence anywhere d. 9; darkness – sandstorms can actually blackout the sky for days at a time e. 10; 1 st born male dead – cannot be explained 3. Conquest of Canaan in Joshua a. The account of the conquest of Canaan in Joshua is historically problematic due to the mismatch of biblical text and archeological evidence in addition to a lack of external verification i. Cities – not heavily occupied 1. Moab 2. Edum ii. Cities – were not established at all 1. Ai 2. Hesbon 3. Jericho a. When Jericho was established it did not have walls iii. Dates 1. Written about 500 years after happened iv. Inconsistencies 1. Joshua 10:40 says all cities were destroyed 2. Joshua 13:7 negates this v. Implausibilities 1. King battle – sun shined for 24 hours 4. Pentateuch overarching themes – exodus a. The book of Exodus has several overarching themes; the most prominent
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essay 1-14 outlines - Final Exam Essay Outlines 1...

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