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Chapter terms - Chapter 15 Terms 1 City of David Another...

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Chapter 15 Terms 1. City of David: Another name for Jerusalem, especially the ancient pre-Israelite city that King David captured and made his capital in the early tenth century BCE. In later tradition it is also used of Bethlehem, David’s birthplace 2. Succession Narrative: In modern scholarship, the originally independent source incorporated in the Deuteronomistic History that relates how Solomon eventually succeeded David on the throne. It is found in 2 Samuel 9-20 and 1 Kings 1-2. Also called the “Court History of David.” 3. United Monarchy: During the tenth century BCE, the ten northern tribes of Israel and the southern tribe of Judah were united under the rule of David and his son Solomon, both of whom are called “King of Israel.” 4. Zion: A name of Jerusalem, used especially in poetic texts Chapter 16 Terms 1. Davidic Covenant: The covenant between Yahweh and David, which guaranteed the divine protection of the dynasty that David founded and of Jerusalem, its capital city 2. Messiah: Derived from the Hebrew word mashiah, meaning “anointed one,” this term is used in the Hebrew Bible to refer to past and present Kings and priests who had been anointed. In later Jewish and Christian traditions it is used of a future leader to be sent by God 3. Royal Ideology: In modern scholarship, the term for the complex ideas associated with the Davidic monarchy, including the Davidic covenant 4. Temple of Solomon: The temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon in the mid- tenth century and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. Also known as the First Temple Chapter 17 Terms 1. Divination: The practice of interpreting ordinary phenomena, such as flight of birds and inner organs of animals, as divine revelation 2. Mesha Stela: An inscribed monument erected by the Moabite King in the mid- ninth century BCE, celebrating his victory over the Israelites 3. Northern Kingdom of Israel: The territory that split from Judah after the death of Solomon in the late tenth century 4. Prophet: In Jewish tradition the second of three parts of the Hebrew bible, comprising the books of Joshua to 2 nd Kings and Isaiah to Malachi. 5.
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Chapter terms - Chapter 15 Terms 1 City of David Another...

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