8-29 - *Anchor Bible DictionaryI.Definitions and...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-29-07*Anchor Bible DictionaryI.Definitions and Overviewa.Tanaki.Term scholars use for the Hebrew bibleii.Entire Hebrew bibleb.Torahi.First 5 books of the Hebrew bibleii.Literally means Law: instruction, guidanceiii.These books are the books in which god gives his instruction to the people of Israelc.Pentateuchi.Penta: 5; teuch: scroll; literally means 5 scrollsii.Codexiii.Torah and Pentateuch sometimes are interchangeableII.Literary Sketcha.Primeval History: Four Great Events (Genesis 1-11)i.The Creationii.The Fall1.when Adam and Eve violate God’s instructions and were not allowed back in the Garden of Edeniii.The Flood1.God decides to destroy all but Noah and his family and 2 of every animaliv.The Tower of Babel1.People decide they want to build a tower, very tall tower2.God gets nervous that they might reach to the heavens3.God made the people start speaking different languages so they could no communicate and the building of the tower was stoppedb.Patriarchal History: Four Great Ancestors (Genesis 12-50)...
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8-29 - *Anchor Bible DictionaryI.Definitions and...

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