9-10 - 9-10Lecture 4 The Primeval HistoryI.Reviewa.Content...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-10Lecture 4: The Primeval HistoryI.Reviewa.Content of Genesis 1-11i.Creationii.Exclusion from Edeniii.Floodiv.Tower of bablev.genealogiesb.Primeval Historyi.Primeval comes from 2 Latin words which means the first ageii.Any stories about the human race from beginning of the worldiii.Do not work as well for historyc.Sourcesi.Thought that there is only a J source and P sourceii.1stcreation story: P source; Adam and Eve story: J sourceiii.Called J source because of name of divinity1.YHWH (Yahweh): personal name of God2.ancient Hebrew did not use vowels3.so sanctified that it should not be pronounced4.out of reverence they substituted LORD for Yahweh which is Adonaia.added the vowels from Adonai to YHWH in order to make it extremely difficult to pronounce so it would not be pronounced5.When translated it turned out to be Jehovah6.J source prefers YHWHII.Overviewa.Questions being asked and answered in ANE primeval historiesi.How did this world come into being exactly?ii.How did we come to be here?iii.What are we doing here?iv.Why is the world the way it is?v.Why is there so much pain, misery, natural disaster, war?vi.Why are humans the way they are?vii.How did the human race begin?viii.Why are there 2 different kind of human, male and female?...
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9-10 - 9-10Lecture 4 The Primeval HistoryI.Reviewa.Content...

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