chapter 1

chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Genesis means "beginning"...

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Chapter 1 Genesis means “beginning” or more literally “birth” Genesis 1.1-2.4 The verse does not describe “creation out of nothing.” Rather, it deals with the formation of a cosmos, an ordered universe, out of preexisting but chaotic matter Day 1: Light Day 2: Dome Day 3: Land Plants Day 4: Heavenly Bodies Day 5: Aquatic Creatures and Birds Day 6: Land Animals and Humans Each of the three days of creation is mirrored by another day 3 days later, ie light is created on day 1 but then the celestial bodies that govern it are created on day 4 Enuma Elish “Babylonian creation epic” – is a kind of epic in praise of Marduk, reflecting the rise to power of Babylon under Nebuchadrezzer 1 in the late second millennium BCE Myth of polytheistic ideals, telling how Marduk defeats Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Waters Thus the victory makes Marduk ruler of Gods, kills Qingu and from his blood makes humans.
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chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Genesis means "beginning"...

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