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Chapter 7 Exodus 16-24 Itineraries Egypt to Mount Sinai > Mount Sinai to Moab on the eastern border of Canaan Incidents on the Journey Divine provision of Manna and quails in the wilderness, miraculous production of water from a rock Manna – divine provision for sustenance, a flaky substance that would appear every night with the dew and form food Excursus on Covenant Covenant – Seemingly a legally binding agreement Three covenants: Those between God and Noah, Goad and Abraham, and God and Israel Parity Treaty – Two parties are presumed equal Suzerainty Treaty – One party, the suzerain, is superior to the other, the vassal Hittite Treaties: I. Identification of the suzerain II. History of the relation between the two groups III. Stipulations imposed upon the vassal
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Provision for the deposit of copies of the treaty in the temples of the principal gods of the two parties V. Divine witnesses to the treaty VI. Blessings for observance of the treaty and curses for violations of it The Ten Commandments Biblically translated as “the ten words”, also known as the Decalogue These commandments were a covenant with the people – given to a specific audience. Audience was the Israelites gathered at the base of Mount Sinai God is the Suzerain Specifies the way in which Yahweh is to be worshipped and shall receive absolute loyalty Other Values of the Ten Commandments:- All property of each person is inviolable by his neighbor (another Israelite)...
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