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bus 139 hw ch 02 1 of 2 BUS 139 Homework Chapter 2 Name __________________________________________ Date _________________ (Name and date required only if submitted in hard copy format.) Scoring Rubric Each numbered item: 2 points Each letter item: 1 point Maximum score: 19 points 1. Name the six stages of the overall business process, the entrepreneurship section and the management section. a. Innovation b. Triggering event c. Implementation d. Growth e. Maturity f. Harvest 2. Do you think the entrepreneur and management processes are realistic or too idealized to be real? 3. How important do you feel is the innovation phase of the overall business process? Is it better to wait for a great innovative idea, or do something even if it isn’t particularly unique? Although the innovation phase of starting a business is important, who knows how long you could be waiting for an innovative idea. I believe it is better to just get started, even if you aren’t doing anything particularly unqiue, as it may lead to
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