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History 230 Census Data Group Project Due October 5, 2017 This project requires you to work in groups to research the early American population, with a focus on African Americans, based on census data. The census began in 1790 and continues today as a way to keep track of who makes up America. An imperfect procedure that continues to change over time, you will work together to see what the census tells us and what it doesn’t. 1.Break into groups of 3. 2.Your group will be assigned a state that had slavery: Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland. 3.You will then investigate the census data on this particular state from 1790-1860. a.Places to begin: i.Berlin book: census tables begin on page 272 ii.Black Demographic Data, 1790-1860: A Sourcebookby Clayton Cramer (1997) iii.US Census books (found on the second floor of the LFC library) iv.LFC Library website: http://v.4.Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the following questions/points of interest (5-7
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Unformatted text preview:minutes). a. A brief history of the state (from colony to state). i. Is it a slave society or a society with slaves? b. Population size: how many people, racial demographics, age range, etc. i. Change in population size over time ii. Any free blacks? White indentured servants? Are indigenous people included? iii. Common family sizes iv. Common occupations c. What does your research tell us about the history of African Americans in this state? 5. Presented in class on October 5, 2017 a. All group members must be present and speak during the presentation. b. Grade will be dependent on: i. the extent of research completed (all 3 questions above answered) ii. the visuals of the presentation iii. the group presentation style (be professional!) iv. presentation time (must be between 5-7 minutes). v. Professional dress of all group members = 2 extra credit points c. 60 points total