12-03 - The Text and Canon of ScriptureI.The Ongoing...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-03-07The Text and Canon of ScriptureI.The Ongoing History of Israela.Maccabean Revolt (167 BCE)i.Group of Jews resisting the conversion of the King to the Greek godsii.Leader of the revolt – Judas the Maccabeaus (Maccabeaus meaning hammer, Judas the Hammer)b.Roman Conquest (66 BCE)i.2 attempts by Jews to over throw the Roman occupationii.Jews tried to drive the Romans out – 3 year warc.Jewish Uprising (66-70 CE; 132-35 CE)i.1stattempt to drive Romans out1.Temple destroyed in year 70, never to be rebuilta.Jerusalem – one wall left (west side, wailing wall)ii.2nduprising: Romans made it illegal for Jews to set foot in Jerusalem because they were tired of the attacksII.The Fate of the Jewish Scripturea.The Canoni.Canon = Measuring rod1.a canon is a standard by which all things are judgedii.formation of the Jewish Canon of Scripture1.Pentateuch by time of Ezra (5thcentury BCE)?2.Prophets by 2ndcentury BCE?3.Writings by 2ndcentury CE?iii.Not considered a closed text until the second century CEb.The Texti.Impossibility of establishing an original text1.The only way to get copies of books was for scribes to rewrite books over and over again2.printing press could ensure no mistakes, scribes could not3.if there was a mistake the whole manuscript had to be thrown out4.impossible to know whether we have the original wording of any of the scripts because there could be mistakes in the copy of the copy of the copy of the original, ect...
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12-03 - The Text and Canon of ScriptureI.The Ongoing...

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