11-12 - 11-12-07Wisdom Literature of Ancient Israel:...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-12-07Wisdom Literature of Ancient Israel: Proverbs and EcclesiastesI.Introduction to Wisdom Literaturea.Definitioni.Wisdom literature: books that focus on understanding the world and on how best to live, based on an intelligent assessment of life rather than divine revelation to Israelb.Distinctive Characteristicsi.Emphases of Historical and Prophetic Literature of the Tanak1.History of Israel2.Covenant3.Torah4.Divine Revelation5.national concerns6.Communal orientationc.Books of Wisdom: Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastesi.Emphases of Wisdom Literature1.What it lacksa.History of Israelb.Covenantc.Torah2.What it stressesa.Observation, not revelationb.Universal concerns, not nationalc.Individual behavior, not communalii.3 books of wisdom1.Proverbs2.Job3.EcclesiastesII.Positive Wisdom: The Book of Proverbsa.Positive wisdom: Jewish writings that describe the general orderliness of the world and explain how to live in accordance with itb.Definition of a proverb: a pithy and profound saying that encapsulates a...
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11-12 - 11-12-07Wisdom Literature of Ancient Israel:...

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