11-14 - Tales of Women Ruth Esther the Songs of...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-07Tales of Women: Ruth, Esther, the Songs of SongsI.Women as Leading Characters: An OverviewII.The Story of Rutha.Introductioni.Moabite woman who is left desolate because her husband diesii.Uses her wits, determination and sexuality to ward off further desolationiii.Not about God’s divine intervention about human interactions, love, faithfulness, and loyaltyiv.Short storyv.A woman acts courageously and uses her sexuality wisely and effectively to achieve her goals and to convince a powerful man to act on her behalfvi.Salvation comes from human actions not divine interventionb.The Narrativei.A non-Jew is a man character which makes this story differentii.Moabites and Israelites1.Deuteronomy 23:32.Numbers 25:1-5iii.The Characters in Ruth1.Elimelech (an Israelite)2.Naomi (his wife)3.Ruth (her daughter-in-law)4.Boaz (Naomi’s rich relative)iv.Chapter 1 Famine occurs, and Naomi and Ruth flee because they are both widowsv.Chapter 2 Ruth meeting her rich relative, Ruth proposes to Naomi that she collects what is left over after the harvesters come through. The field Ruth does this to is Boaz’s field, Naomi’s rich relative....
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11-14 - Tales of Women Ruth Esther the Songs of...

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