10-31 - 10-31 Notes I Overview of Ezra-Nehemiah a Contents...

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10-31 Notes I. Overview of Ezra-Nehemiah a. Contents i. Return from Exile (Ezra 1-2) ii. Rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 3-6) 1. burned by King Nebakadrezzer iii. Recommitment to the Law (Ezra 7-10; Neh 8-9) 1. books and chapters are out of sequence 2. questions about laws: people living in Judah were intermarrying who were not Judeans which caused a big problem iv. Reconstruction of the walls (Neh 1-7; 10-13) 1. Nehemiah was a cup bearer for the king b. Sources i. Written by the same person, originally was one book ii. 3 important sources for this author 1. Cyrus’ decree 2. Memoir by Ezra in first person 3. Nehemiah memoir a. Also written in first person in some parts c. Dates i. Return from exile: 539 BCE ii. Rededication of Temple: 515 BCE iii. Covenant Renewal under Ezra: 458 BCE iv. Rebuilding of walls: after 445 BCE v. The dates are given because in the book we are told what year in the King’s ruling it took place which allows for historians to place these events d. Historical Background i. Cyrus (559-530 BCE) ii. Darius (522-486 BCE) 1. renewal of covenant iii. Artaxerses I (465-424 BCE) 1. King while Nehemiah rebuilt the walls e. Basic Outlook i. 2 nd Isaiah: there were people in the Babylonian captivity who anticipated they would be able to go back to their land 1. Thought to be a second exodus for the Judeans to return home 2. didn’t happen ii. Instead they found their city destroyed 1. hopelessness 2. faithlessness 3. oppression 4. hardship
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5. opposition iii. These books deal with how God was at work behind the return and
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10-31 - 10-31 Notes I Overview of Ezra-Nehemiah a Contents...

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