11-05 - 11-05-07The ChroniclerI.Overviewa.Originally one...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-05-07The ChroniclerI.Overviewa.Originally one booki.Continuous narrativeii.Appears after the DH after 2ndKings in English versionb.Place in Canoni.Daniel was probably written after chronicles but was one of the last written ii.About 400 BCEc.Outlinei.The Genealogy of Israel (1 Chron 1-9)ii.The Rule of David (1 Chron 10-29)iii.The Rule of Solomon (2 Chron 1-9)iv.The Rule of the Judean Kings (2 Chron 10-36)1.only concerned with JudahII.Redaction Criticism of Chroniclesa.Definitioni.Editing; a redactor is an editorii.If you know that a certain author had certain sources available to him, you can see how they changed the sources, and by seeing how the sources were changed you can see what the editor is interested inb.Logic of the Methodi.By seeing how an author has changed a source you can see what was important you themc.Approachi.What was omitted, added, and changedd.Key Examplesi.Things Omitted all stories that cast David in a bad light1.Davids Civil war with Saul2.Adultery with Bathsheba...
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11-05 - 11-05-07The ChroniclerI.Overviewa.Originally one...

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