10-18 - Jeremiah and the Fall of the South I The Fall of...

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10-18-07 Jeremiah and the Fall of the South I. The Fall of the Southern Kingdom a. Judah i. Became a separate nation in the end of the 10 th century ii. For about 200 years Israel, the northern kingdom survived, southern kingdom survived til 586 BCE iii. 586 BCE, Judah was overtaken, destroyed and the temple was burned down iv. Jeremiah was prophesying during this time b. The Reform of Josiah (640-609 BCE) i. King Josiah, was thought to be one of the good guys, according to the Deuteronomistic Historian 1. one of the 2 that the Deuteronomistic Historian actually liked 2. 2 nd King 22-23, where his reign is described, ruled Judah for over 30 years ii. By the DH, Josiah was the one who got it right iii. Josiah ordered the temple to be repaired. 1. During repairs, the high priest found a book, the Book of the Law 2. When he brought it to Josiah and read it, Josiah was very upset because he realized that the people of Judah were not obeying God’s law and would be wiped out as a punishment 3. The prophet, Holda told Josiah that God said Judah was going to be destroyed, but there will be one left and Josiah will die peacefully – 2 Kings 22:20 4. He not only repairs the physical temple but also gets rid of all worshiping of other deities and idols 5. Josiah was suppose to go to his grave in peace but it turns out that it didn’t happen that way a. 23:29 – He goes to war with the Egyptians and gets
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10-18 - Jeremiah and the Fall of the South I The Fall of...

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