10-15 - 10-15 The End of Israel and the Book of Isaiah I....

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10-15 The End of Israel and the Book of Isaiah I. Historical Overview a. The Last Days of Israel: Key Dates/Events i. Israel: northern Kingdom in 10 th century ii. 745-727 BCE: Tiglath-Pileazer (= Pul) is King of Assyria and makes Israel (under King Menahem) a vassal state iii. 735-732 BCE: Syro-Ephraimite War/rebellion against Assyria (King of Israel : Pekah) iv. 727 BCE: King Hoshea rebels against Assyria’s King Shalmaneser the fifth v. 721 BCE: Sargon II destroys Samaria vi. 721 BCE is the date of destruction of the northern kingdom, Israel under the King Sargon II 1. No Israelites left because Assyrians forced intermarriages in order to destroy the Israelite nationality b. Meanwhile, in Judah: Key Dates/Events i. Important Kings 1. Uzziah (Azariah) 783-738 BCE 2. Ahaz 745-727 BCE 3. Hezekiah 727-698 BCE 4. 39 Kings altogether and only 2 get praise from the Deuteronomistic Historian a. Hezekiah was one of them because he worshiped God in the right way meaning he followed to rules of the torah ii. Important events 1. 735-732 BCE Syro-Ephraimite War a. Syria and Ephraim vs Judah b. Judah won 2. 701 BCE Invasion of Sennacherib a. Sennacherib invades Judah b. Several accounts; 2 in 2 nd Kings, 2 in Chronicles, 1 in Isaiah c. Judah was not destroyed, it survived, but is important because Judah was attacked by a foreign power II. Isaiah of Jerusalem a. Dates and location i. In Jerusalem, in southern part of Kingdom, when Northern Kingdom was in trouble ii. 730 BCE King Uzziah died, which is when Isaiah began his prophecies b. Divisions of the Book of Isaiah
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i. Evidence of Multiple Authors/Sources
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10-15 - 10-15 The End of Israel and the Book of Isaiah I....

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