09-24 - 9-24-07The Wilderness Wandering and Second Giving...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-24-07The Wilderness Wandering and Second Giving of the LawI.Overview of the Narrativea.At Mt Sinai (Numbers 1-10) (P material)b.Wanderings in the Wilderness and Missteps (Numbers 11-20)c.Beginning of Conquestion (Numbers 21-31)i.Numbers ends with the children going into the country to the east of the Jordan river and conquering itii.And coming to the Jordan river and stop, which then flows into Deuteronomy, Moses giving the law for a second timed.Second Giving of the Law (Deuteronomy 1-31)i.God is ticked off at the childrens lack of faithii.Only 2 go into the promise land originally, Caleb and Joshua because the rest are unfaithful to the lordII.The Book of Numbersi.The children end up Kadesh barnesii.They attempt going several different directions in order to get into the promise land but the lord refuses to allow itiii.End up at Mt Nebo, where Moses gives the law again and then goes into the promise landb.Titlei.Took a consensusii.Over 600,00 men 20 years or olderiii.Title given because of men in Israelc.Important points of the narrativei.The period1.Chapters 10-20 take up 40 years2.54 Chapters, however, took place in 11 monthsii.Time of complaint and punishment1.people who escape from Egypt, complain a lot2.pattern you find complaint and punishment3.Food supplies: manna and the quails (chapter 11)a.God provides them with manna (not sure what manna is) from the Heavensb.Dew in the morning, then turns to residue, and when gathered it can be baked as breadc.Called manna because when it first shows up, they ask what is this? In Hebrew what is this is manhoo which turned into calling it manna4.Moses authority (chapter 12)a.His authority comes into attackb.His brother and sister complains about moses and...
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09-24 - 9-24-07The Wilderness Wandering and Second Giving...

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