09-26 - 9-26-07 NotesJoshua and the Conquest of the Promised

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Unformatted text preview: 9-26-07 NotesJoshua and the Conquest of the Promised LandI.Introduction to the Deuteronomistic Historya.Joshua to 2ndKingsb.Called that because whoever wrote this history was basing his understanding of how Israel works based on his understanding of Deuteronomyc.The Booksi.Joshuaii.Judgesiii.Ruthiv.1stSamuelv.2ndSamuelvi.1stKingsvii.2ndKingsd.The four time periodsi.Moses and the conquest of the landii.Various tribes were self-rulingiii.judgesiv.The monarchy1.can be divided into halves2.all tribes under 1 king3.and then after Solomon, the kingdom gets split between the northern and southerne.The overarching perspectivei.The view of Deuteronomyii.The blessings and the curses of the those who obey/disobey godf.Nature of the underlying traditionsi.The d history was written probably at the end of the 7thcentury BCE, 620, 610 BCEii.The accounts that it narrates evidently happen centuries earlieriii.Entering into the promise land happened sometime in the 12th century BCEiv.Appears to be written about 500 years after the days of Joshuav.Only record we have of Joshuavi.Joshua is told from a particular perspectivevii.The author had a clear idea of what moved historyg.Importance of recognizing ideological bias in historical sourcesi.The ideological bias affects the story, it is told for a reason and you must know the reason why it was told in order to not misread what was meantii.You have to consider the sourceiii.Did they destroy the cities, kill the people?II.Structure of the Book of Joshuaa.First five chapters are Joshua preparing for the attack on the promise landb.God has promised it but it is already inhabitedc.Conquest (ch 6-12)...
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09-26 - 9-26-07 NotesJoshua and the Conquest of the Promised

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