10-01 - 10-1 The Tribes and Judges of Israel I II...

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10-1 The Tribes and Judges of Israel I. Introduction II. Overview of the Book of Judges a. The Flow of the Narrative i. The book of Judges records what happens after the conquest of the promise land in Joshua and before the establishment of a kingdom in Israel ii. Before there is a kingdom of Israel there are tribes, who consolidate together to make the kingdom of Israel iii. Could be paralleled to the 13 colonies these tribes were separate entities which survived alone and governed themselves iv. Stories about different leaders of tribes who run into separate problems v. Several overarching themes of judges 1. Failure to drive out Canaanites and its results (first part of judges) 2. rebellion against the covenant a. they began worshipping other Gods 3. internal and external threats to the people a. internally they fall apart – externally, the other people in the land battle them and overpower them 4. Charismatic leaders (so-called “judges”) raised by God to deal with them a. One of the judges is a woman, Deborah b. Called judges because they rule over israel vi. Part of Deuteronomistic history authors and historians of 6 th century did not think very highly of what happened as a result of the Israelites not driving out everyone from the land vii. Pattern of the narrative 1. apostasy – leave the worship of the true god and worship local gods 2. oppression 3. cry for help 4. rise of deliverer 5. period of tranquility 6. return to apostasy viii. Judges 2:11-19 1.
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10-01 - 10-1 The Tribes and Judges of Israel I II...

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