10-03 - 10-03 Pop quiz on Monday about today's material and...

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10-03 Pop quiz on Monday about today’s material and readings Midterm - Identification questions o Terms to be defined o Given 6 terms and being asked to define 5 o No advantage to answering all 6 o 50 word descriptions – full sentence form Ex: Pentateuch -5 books of bible, why is it called that, who is thought to be the author, what are problems with that - ID’s each worth 10, essay worth 50 points - BEING TESTED NOT ON BELIEFS - Essay should be 20-25 minutes - Not predetermining curves/caps on grades The Beginnings of Monarchy I. Overview of 1 and 2 Samuel a. Stories connected with Kings David – thought of as the greatest King in Ancient Israel i. About his rise to power and his predecessors b. Transition from Judges to Kings i. Functions as a transition ii. 1 and 2 kings are about kings of Israel - good kings who obey the torah and bad kings who disobey the torah iii. The bad kings end up rising to power and god sent in Assyrians to destroy northern kingdom and 150 years later sent in babylionians iv. Judges – about 12 tribes of 12 sons – no kings – include joseph and levis v. Levi becomes a priest and priest are not allowed to own land meaning josephs 2 sons got the land and then there were 12 vi. Dueteronomistic historian did not think much of the judges – thought they needed a king, where 1 and 2 Samuel comes into play vii. Filled with stories about 3 major figures in history: Samuel, Saul, and David c. Flow of the Narrative i. 1 samuel begins at the end of the period of the judges with the birth of the final judge sameul
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1. Samuel is born to a woman who was previously not able to
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10-03 - 10-03 Pop quiz on Monday about today's material and...

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