Hamlet Review

Hamlet Review - -absolutely because everything needed to...

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Hamlet Review Rosencrantz is one of the men who sailed with Hamlet for England. A sailor was the person who delivered Hamlets letter to Horatio The churchyard is where Hamlet talks to the clown Wittenburg is a university town Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend Osrick is a courtier whom Hamlet called a ‘waterfly’ Marcellus is a soldier who saw the Ghost Polonius is a very talkative old man Yorick is Hamlet’s father’s jester A plain in Denmark is where Hamlet sees the Norwegian soldiers march by Luciamus is a character in the play performed before the King and Queen The Queens Closet is where Hamlet killed Polonius The ambassador of England brings news to Denmark of the death of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Gertrude is a character who cannot see the ghost Renaldo follows Laertes to France to keep an eye on him Olympus is a mountain Ophelia becomes insane Act I Does the King try to treat Hamlet with kindness?
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Unformatted text preview: -absolutely because everything needed to seem fine Did the ghost excite Hamlet or calm him?-excite Does Shakespeare ever make us sympathize with the King in Act I?-A little; Hamlet looks like a spoiled brat ACT II Why is the King glad to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?-He needs someone to spy on Hamlet For what fault does Hamlet rebuke himself after the actors moving speech?-His feelings confused with his lack of emotion Why is Hamlet nice to Ophelia than rude to her?-He knows she is spying and the ones she is spying for are near What are some of the methods Hamlet tells the players not to use?-Not use hands Why does Hamlet talk foolishly in public?-He wants people to think he is crazy Does he talk foolishly to the players?-no What is Hamlet doing during the play within a play?-Watching reactions of uncle Claudius and mother...
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Hamlet Review - -absolutely because everything needed to...

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