The Bluest Eye Review

The Bluest Eye Review - The Bluest Eye Kelsey Watford...

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The Bluest Eye Kelsey Watford 711929555 March 19, 2007 Honor Pledge:
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The Bluest Eye Wednesday, March 7 th , 2007 in the Paul Green Theater of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, audiences were awestruck by Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye which is intense and captivating as it engulfs the audience in a tragic turn of events which shows how the lives of two people are shaped during a period of time which is considered one of the most controversial times in the United State’s history. Pecola, played brilliantly by Danika Williams, is an unsettled little girl growing up in poverty, subtle racism, and confusion; all of which are faintly encouraged by her silver screen-loving mother, Mrs. Breedlove, marvelously played by Joanna Rhinehart, and her disturbed, reminiscent father, Cholly Breedlove, played by an overzealous Adrian Bailey. The acting alone was enthralling however the scenery, properties, and costume pulled the audience in further, enhancing the play and making it more successful. The Bluest Eye is narrated by Frieda, played by Georgia Southern, and Claudia, played by Allison Reeves, who become Pecola’s best friend and witness her life. Their narration is genius as they tell the story as children living the experience as well as adults looking back on the experience. Together, the two perspectives attempt to make sense of an unreasonable situation during a confusing time. The girls give an account of the lives of one little family and how two lives where shaped by their circumstances. The Bluest Eye exposes the struggle African American people growing up in the 1940s have. From Mrs. Breedlove’s obsession to the movies to Pecola’s passion for blue eyes, it shows a society in which there is a white ideal that is treasured by all races. Cholly Breedlove was
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The Bluest Eye Review - The Bluest Eye Kelsey Watford...

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