12-04 - 12-04-07ClientsA. StudentsB. ParentsC....

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Unformatted text preview: 12-04-07ClientsA. StudentsB. ParentsC. Communitya.Formali.Board of Educationb.Informali.More courses such as an Education in America class (such as this course)ii.Lay advisory Councils: any discernable interest group has a representative on this council: serve as an interface between the school and the community – no power on school board (cannot fire or hire)1.go through this board to make changeiii.What do we do about parents?1.same thing to be suggested about teacher (told later on)c.Vocali.Studentsii.Give every student of the school the opportunity to be apart of change1.REMEMBER, TYPICALLY, students are conservativea.Would rather not have changePractitionersA. TeachersB. AdministratorsC. School of Educationa.Weakest part of changeb.Rarely ever evokes changeD. College admission requirementsa.Whatever are the requirements for getting into the “Flagship school” is what is being taught in the high schoolE. “The Disciplinarians”a.Scholars of different disciplinesb.Potentially could make marvelous contributions...
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12-04 - 12-04-07ClientsA. StudentsB. ParentsC....

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