11-27 - 11-27-07Durham Academy-Student UoTutoring...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-27-07Durham Academy-Student UoTutoring programoCollege students teach the middle schoolersTutoring and mentoringSummer before 6thgrade every summer for 3 years9 weeks2 training, 6 teaching, 1 debriefing$2000 stipend, housing at Duke6 or 7 students per classstudentudurham@gmail.com-THE CHICAGO PLAN (ON FINAL)Bradley vs Milikin1980Election of Ronald Reagan-marked a big eruption in change in the government-government was getting out of the business of social welfare-cut back beginning in 1980-return of America 1910 (not helping neighbor)-an attempt to repeal the new deal-this occurred at the same time there was a diminution in the white-black achievement gap-Study by Jones professor of psyc and Nancy Fritag (both from UNC)oAchievement: your knowledge of a specific subjectoApititude: predictsoLooked atGeographyHistoryMathReadingScienceoWhen announced it was the number one story on CBS newsoWhat happened to black achievement from 1970-1980o1970Black children achieve at a lower level than white childrenoLooked at white achievement between 1970 and 1980It had gone upoBlack achievement ad white achievement had narrowed been closer in 1980Years that white achievement fell, black achievement fell lessYears that white achievement went up, black achievement went up moreoWHYJust because things are correlated or related doesnt mean they cause each otheroJones took a look at 1980-1995...
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This note was uploaded on 03/20/2008 for the course EDUC 441 taught by Professor Unk during the Fall '08 term at UNC.

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11-27 - 11-27-07Durham Academy-Student UoTutoring...

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